Language, cognition and language acquisition (Valo7102)

Lecturer: assoc. professor V. Kalnbērziņa
Course languages: Latvian and English 
The aim of the course is to offer students the opportunity to explore the interaction between the linguistic and cognitive mechanisms theoretically and empirically, using language technologies.
The course objectives include 1) to research language acquisition and use strategy types and roles in language acquisition, perception and production, the role of temporal and spatial thinking in language perception, processing and production in a multilingual environment. 2) to develop research competence in order to formulate and critically analyze a research problem and to offer a solution to the problem relating to language acquisition; 3) to develop digital competence for linguistic and cognitive data extraction, processing, and communication in the academic environment.

Corpus Linguistics in the Context of Digital Humanities (Valo7111)

Lecturers: assoc. professor Z. Vinčela, doc. I. Auziņa
Course languages: Latvian and English
The aim of the course is to provide profound and specialized knowledge of corpus linguistics development, its role, the creation and application of text corpora in various areas of linguistics and in the context of digital humanities. Encourage the solving of complex corpus linguistics tasks by the application of recent methodology and tools.
Objectives: 1. to enhance students’ understanding of the role of corpus linguistics and its potential in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research in various areas of linguistics and in the context of digital humanities. 2. to upgrade students’ skills of various linguistic data extraction and analysis approaches in corpora of different types and sizes, create solutions to complex linguistic problems related to topical digital information and content. 3. to promote students’ ability to analyse the theories on corpora creation approaches, stages, and the application of the theories in the text compilation for creating a specialised corpus.