What is the Language Technology Initiative?
The Language Technology Initiative project has been created to promote the growth of language technology, increase the number of specialists and deepen the knowledge of existing specialists in this field.

What is the aim of the initiative?
The aim of the initiative is to create a synergy between higher education, science and industry that promotes innovation with maximum commercialisation and export potential in the field of language technology, increasing the number of specialists with high-level digital skills able to use high technologies in this field to develop knowledge- and technology-intensive new products and services in various industries.

What is the significance of the project?
This project has the potential to:
  • increase the number of specialists with high digital skills in language technologies;
  • to address the industry's challenges related to the lack of qualified employees and the lack of innovation;
  • leave a positive impression on the IT field, innovations and the excellence of Latvia in the long term, ensuring Latvia's excellence in the field of language technologies;
  • promote inclusion in the European research, innovation and education space.

Project funding

The language technology initiative (No. is funded by the European Union and the National Development Plan!